Access, Chimney and Staircase Scaffolding in Reading | An Insight into our Scaffolding Services

LD Scaffolding is a genuine specialist in the two fields of domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding. In fact, we offer a complete range of high-end scaffolding services to fulfil the requirements of residential property owners, main contractors, developers, roofing companies, painters, decorators and installers. Located in Reading, we cover all parts of the surrounding counties.

While we are particularly adept in the construction of chimney scaffolding and staircase scaffolding, our clients can choose from a range of systems.

Scaffolding Services in Berkshire

Here, we look at the most common scaffolding used on various projects:

Standard Towers

Available as a domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding system, the standard tower has multiple configurations. Modern towers use a metal tube and clip system to provide strength. As a part of LD Scaffolding’s services, we check ground conditions on sites and, when we arrive to erect a tower, we use wooden planks and base plates to support the uprights.

This gives the tower a firmer footing because the planks and plates combine to spread the scaffolding’s downforce over a much wider surface area.

Suspended Scaffolding

Whereas support for a standard tower comes from the uprights, a suspended scaffold holds the weight of the working platform at the top of the building. While some builds use cranes to raise and lower work platforms, this isn’t always an option on construction sites. A suspended scaffold makes it easier to move tools, equipment and materials to the top of a physical structure.

Our team builds suspended towers as one of our most important commercial scaffolding services in Reading rather than as a domestic scaffolding option.

Chimney Scaffolding

For contractors who need to access all parts of the roof and every side of a chimney, ladders will rarely be the safest option. Chimney scaffolding is a superior choice that gives roofing companies and brickwork specialists safe access for building, repairing, repointing or removing a chimney. This scaffold reaches to the base of the chimney and over the ridges of the roof structure.

This is a popular domestic scaffolding choice and one that is also used by gas engineers and heating companies when fitting or replacing chimney flues.

Staircase Scaffolding

This is a patented mobile tower used on projects in the Reading area where contractors need to work over stairwells or in narrow passages. If a stairwell is unstable, it is also possible to use staircase scaffolding for work on walls and ceilings. This tower has an integrated access tower and can include wheels with locks and stabilisers to move the scaffold to different parts of a site.

This makes these installations especially popular with painters and decorators who constantly need to be working in different areas on a job.

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