Staircase Scaffolding in Newbury and the Surrounding Counties | Located in Reading

Available to domestic and commercial clients in Reading, Newbury and the surrounding areas, LD Scaffolding is a supplier of chimney scaffolding and specialist towers which grant access into hard-to-reach spaces or areas where it could be unsafe to use a ladder. One of the most popular options in our product range is staircase scaffolding. Unlike a traditional scaffold, a staircase tower is an independent structure.

Designed for use in stairways or in narrow passages where space won’t allow us to build a more conventional tower, staircase scaffolding lets the user walk up and down a staircase during the early stages of a building or construction project. This design negates the need to climb up and down a ladder.

Safe and secure access is essential when working at height, and images of our towers in use, along with our other scaffolding services, are available on our website gallery. We also invite you to read our online reviews.

Our stairwell towers comply with all current health and safety standards, and with the guidelines that govern our business. This makes them suitable for use on domestic properties, construction sites, commercial premises, industrial units and just about anywhere that requires a safe access solution.

LD Scaffolding can supply scaffolding services for the following:

  • Builders and Contractors

  • Roofing Companies

  • Fitters and Installers

  • DIY Enthusiasts

  • Painters and Decorators

  • Window Cleaners

  • Door and Window Fitters

  • Maintenance Companies

This scaffold allows you to work safely over stairs, including those in disrepair, and are perfect for overhead installations, decorating, repair work and more.

A Safe Solution for Work at Height

Staircase scaffolding is a patented and fully mobile frame which contractors can enter directly from the stairwell. This eliminates the need to squeeze through gaps or climb over supports which aren’t designed to provide access to a platform. Contractors can access the working platform by climbing up an integrated ladder access system without the risk of incurring injuries.

This type of tower assembles easily, and comes with handrails, work platforms, access ladders, toe boards and stabilisers. With adjustable locking included, staircase scaffolding is the practical and convenient choice when you need to negotiate access issues without any compromises in safety or security.

This is a full system for projects in Reading, Newbury, Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire which won’t require you to hire anything else except the tower itself. Specialists in a range of scaffolding services, LD Scaffolding does, however, recommend that you use a suitable pulley or hoist system if you plan to use tools, equipment or supplies on the work platform.

For staircase scaffolding in Reading, Newbury and the surrounding counties, call 07885 747223.
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